Sensei David Bowater welcomes you to learn the style of shotokan karate at : Pensnett Shotokan Karate Club.
Sensei David Bowater 3rd Dan
I, Sensei David Bowater, started the art of Karate aged nine. I began under the guidance of Sensei Dez Temple, an instructor who taught the style of Wado-Ryu. As with many martial arts, discipline and respect were enforced at all times.
I graded up to my purple belt by Sensei Josh Johnson, however I then felt it was best for me to take time out to be with my family and put the martial art on hold momentarily.
Having started Karate at such a young age, an impression was left on my life as I always found the sport enthralling. Wanting my children to have the same opportunities as myself with Karate growing up, I took up training for the martial arts again in 2001 under the guidance of Sensei Paul Campbell, where I studied the original style of Shotokan Karate which I now teach today. Determination, hard work and excessive amounts of training allowed me to achieve the standard required to take my 1st Dan Black Belt under Sensei Paul Campbell.
It was in 2004 when I opened my own club under the name Pensnett Shotokan Karate Club, allowing me to fulfil my desire to pass down my knowledge of Shotokan Karate to all those wishing to learn. Opening my own club gave me that opportunity. As well as teaching students I continued to train hard and in 2008 I passed my 2nd Dan Black Belt whilst training with Sensei Mandie Read.
In order to gain a  better understanding of traditional Shotokan Karate I joined 'RUACH', an organisation run by Sensei Ronnie Christopher 6th Dan where all the members have the opportunity to do squad training,
weapons, competitions and different courses. While training with Sensei Ronnie Christopher, I have
achieved my 3rd Dan Black Belt in December 2012.
Sensei David Bowater
The Bowater family
Sensei Dave's children all have an interest in Shotokan Karate and some have gone on to compete for England as part of the F.E.K.O. team.
This video was shown on BBC2 News Sport in September 2007.