Sensei David Bowater welcomes you to learn the style of shotokan karate at : Pensnett Shotokan Karate Club.
Sensei David Bowater 4th Dan
At Pensnett Shotokan Karate Club, we teach the original style of Shotokan karate. Anyone is welcome to watch us train and even join in. The first week is free. If you want to get fit, have fun, make new friends, and gain more confidence, give karate a try.
Sensei David Bowater started the art of karate aged nine and was under the guidance of Sensei Dez Temple who taught the style Wado-Ryu, as with many martial arts, discipline and respect were taught at all times. He graded up to purple belt by Sensei Josh Johnson, then took time out to be with his family.
Having started karate at a young age, it did leave an impression with him, and wanting his children to have the same opportunities as he did with karate, he took up training for the martial arts again in 2001 under the guidance of Sensei Paul Campbell, studying the original style of Shotokan karate.
Determination, hard work, and plenty of training got him to the standard to take his 1st Dan Black Belt.
In 2004, he opened his own club under the name Pensnett Shotokan Karate Club, he enjoys passing down his knowledge of Shotokan karate and opening his own club gave him that opportunity. As well as teaching, he still trained hard and in 2008 passed his 2nd Dan Black Belt while training with Sensei Mandie Read.
Sensei Dave has also spent some time under the guidance of Sensei Ronnie Christopher, 6th Dan, and in 2012 gained the rank of 3rd Dan and 4th Dan came in 2019.
As a club, we are now under the guidance of Mandie Read and affiliated to AKA GB where more opportunities than ever have become available, including seminars and competitions throughout the country. The club also has the opportunity of training regularly at the AKA headquarters, a fully matted out dojo.
Sensei David Bowater